Wersi Organs Review.

Here is a demonstration of just some of the voices from the Wersi Verona.

Wersi organs are renowned for the big Euro organ sound, thanks to the drawbars created by this popular organ manufacturer. The drawbar sound was made famous by organists such as Klaus Wunderlich, Franz Lambert, Curt Prina and Mark Whale.
The spectra was one of the most popular instruments ever created by Wersi and the company built a strong following thanks to this superb instrument. Building on the fame of the spectra the company then produced their OAS range of instruments. Based on the Windows operating system and modern PC hardware the OAS range of instruments run like a modern PC. Turn on, wait a few minutes and the organ boots up using windows and then switches to the OAS system. The benefit of using software allows the player to add as many voices and styles as you want. The organ loads Akai S1000 samples and Creamware STS sample formats. Sadly the Creamware format has pretty much died a death now, but there are companies making sounds for the OAS system still using this format.

Now here’s the really fun part. Wersi produce the Verona, Scala and louvre organ range, but thanks to the OAS system, each organ has the same features. So if you buy a verona, apart from the size of the organ, the base features are all the same.

Having owned an OAS instrument for many years, I have come to appreciate the sheer power of the organ thanks to the vast range of features built into the software. When talking to people about Wersi, i tend to tell people that the Wersi instrument can do everything, as this is pretty much my finding.
There is an endless amount of features within the OAS system and the instrument seems to be only limited by the players imagination.

With most instruments on the market, it is simple to write a review as there is a pretty small limited number of features which are all similar to other manufacturers. Wersi make reviewing their instruments very difficult because no two instruments can be the same.

For example, if you like Theatre organ sounds, you can load lots of theatre organ sounds into it, or if you like strings, you can have 200 sets of strings, and this sort of expandability is the reason why Wersi are leaders in expandable organs, in fact, nobody else offers this sort of feature. Even Roland does not allow you to keep loading sounds and Roland as a company are much bigger than Wersi!
For a small german company, Wersi really are Unique.

So, if your thinking of buying a wersi, firstly decide on your budget and then find the model that suits your pocket. Wersi instruments are NOT for an amateur organist who has no idea how to use a computer or is computer illiterate, as they are not push and play sort of instruments like Tyros or Orla – they are for the organist who knows what they are doing.

Most of Wersi’s bad press has been down to user error, for example, if you click on system and end up in the main windows operating system, you can easily lose your software and render the organ useless, but of course, to do this takes someone who has no idea about computers.

They are superb organs and very very reliable in the right hands!

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