Top 10 Musical gifts to give a loved one.

With Christmas coming … SOON! The musician in your life will be wanting something nice for Christmas, so instead of giving him or her a crappy music book token here are a few ideas to make Xmas a musical one ! – SOCKS are NOT a musical gift.

1. iPad musical apps.
Give your loved one a itunes voucher which can be redeemed against a favourite CD or app from the app store.
Top musical apps : Garageband, Pocket Organ, forScore, Korg iElectribe, Digidrum HD.

2. Headphones.
The perfect gift for both parties, Noise cancelling headphones are a SUPERB gift for any musician and prices start from around £80 up to £500.00

3. Microphones
Again prices start around £40 for a good mic and if your loved one loves to sing, you can’t go wrong with the Shure SM58

4. USB Sticks
Most modern keyboards use them, so giving a 64gb USB3 usb stick is a lovely gift.

5. Keyboard stand
A nice keyboard stand makes all the difference, have a look at the Ultimate Support range which are built to last.

6. Keyboard Bag/Case
For the musician who likes to gig, why not give a nice shiny new carry bag – prices start from £30 upwards for a reasonable quality.

7. Tickets to a favourite show/concert
why not give tickets to see your loved ones favourite musician – something to look forward to and a great gift.

8. Keyboard bench
There are a great range of organ and keyboard benches now, visit and see a great range of gas lift benches! A stunning gift.

9. Multi-track recorder.
If your loved one just loves making music, why not buy them a small multi-track recorder. Prices start from £149 upwards and this is a nice gift to get your loved one into recording.

10. A new Keyboard or organ.
Oh come on, we all would love a new instrument for xmas, so if you have some cash knocking about, why not buy your loved one their dream instrument! Life is for living and xmas is for giving, so go on, spoil someone this year!

We hope our 10 gift ideas help you during this festive period! And remember to shop sensibly, only spend what you can afford.
A very Merry Xmas from

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