P35 – Yamaha’s cheapest piano

Yamaha have launched their P35 – their cheapest graded piano action digital piano.
Bringing affordable 88-key action to the masses, the Yamaha P35 is an easy to use stage piano with focus on great sound and functionality. It features Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keys, variable touch sensitivity and excellent AWM stereo sampling.

Ideal for a first stage piano
The low price point of the Yamaha P35 stage piano make it excellent as a first time buy, with the reputation of a brand such as Yamaha sure to give you reliable and professional sounded performance. 10 voices are on offer including two grand pianos (which can be accessed quickly via the keyboards bespoke “Grand Piano” button), two electric pianos, two organs, a strings patch, two harpsichord variations and a vibraphone. This range of sounds should be enough for most applications including use in bands and other ensembles. To add a bit of variety to your sound, four types of reverb and a chorus effect are available to use. The Yamaha P35 is also an ideal keyboard for practice as it features a metronome with adjustable tempo alongside a single headphone output for silent practice. Overall, this is a great first time stage piano that will serve you well and support your practice while sounding great.

AWM Stereo Sampling
By using digital technology and a pair of microphones to record the original acoustic piano, from which the keyboard’s sounds are sampled, the AWM stereo sampling featured on the Yamaha P-35 Stage Piano uses a pair of waveforms to give you a deeper, richer and more spacious sound.

Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Keyboard
To give you a feeling closer to that of an acoustic piano the Yamaha P-35 Stage Piano features a Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Keyboard. The low notes feel heavier and the higher feel lighter, allowing you to perform the same way when moving between acoustic and digital keyboards. In addition the keys also have a matt, rather than smooth, finish to give you the feeling of an acoustic.

Compact Design
Although packed with AWM Stereo Sampling technology and an 88-key GHS keyboard the Yamaha P-35 Stage Piano is surprisingly slim and lightweight, allowing you to easily transport and store it.

At just £349 this piano is FANTASTIC value for money and well worth a look.

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