Cinematic Strings Review

Every once in a while a new VST appears that gets you excited, and Cinematic Strings is one of those VST’s.
For a long time we have looked for an easy to use, out of the box solution for orchestral string sounds. Having used VST’s such as East West and others, although the sounds are good, you need to know how to layer and set string parts before you can get that big string sound that you want.

The strings are rich, warm, sleek, enveloping, deep – all words perfect to describe the sounds from the first note to wide-spanned chords, you sound like the London Symphony with one amazing software package . . . The interface is beautiful, with stainless-steel-effects dials, but the sound is even more beautiful. If you want to produce music for movies or want strings for any project these are the ones to buy. 100% quality all the way!

Cinematic strings works through Kontakt and is very simple to use, in fact with just a few clicks you can have strings to die for on demand. Simplicity is the key to this VST as well as breathtaking sound quality. Choose from different mic settings and get the sound you want quickly and with ease.
This software is our first choice and this is down to tonal quality, ease of use and more importantly, it does what it says on the tin – Cinematic Strings – they really are. You can pay £900 for your east west, but for me £325 gets you the best damn strings money can buy.

In our view you can spend a lot more money, but you wont get much better than this! Honestly, if these aren’t in your VST collection then shame on you!

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