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Yamaha HS80 Powered Speakers Review

Although Yamaha’s ubiquitous NS10 monitor attained almost ‘industry-standard’ status, they were never particularly accurate, especially at the bass end. Yamaha’s new HS80M active model, however, has been designed with the intention of offering a flat and true reference with a realistic degree of bass extension. The cosmetic styling clearly owes something to the NS10, specifically […]

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M-Audio BX5 D2 Monitors

If you had to describe the new BX5 D2 Monitors in one word, it would be “clean.” These bi-amped beauties are, hands down, some of the most accurate (uncolored) speakers I’ve listened to in a long time. That’s fantastic if you happen to be mixing an album in a recording studio — which, admittedly, is precisely […]

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