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Yamaha Tyros 5 Review.

There’s 2 new kids on the block! Well it’s been a few weeks now and the long awaited Tyros 5 has well and truly been released from the Yamaha stable. This new Keyboard from Yamaha comes in 2 flavours, the 61 note version and the 76 note. This has been a request of many Yamaha [...]

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Roland BK 9 review.

For a few years now Roland has been producing instruments like the BK7, BK5 and now their new flagship arranger – the BK9. BK indicates the instrument is a “Backing Keyboard” and this is the market that is ideally suited for this instrument. 
The first think you will notice about the BK9 is the 76-note [...]

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Cinematic Strings Review

Every once in a while a new VST appears that gets you excited, and Cinematic Strings is one of those VST’s. For a long time we have looked for an easy to use, out of the box solution for orchestral string sounds. Having used VST’s such as East West and others, although the sounds are [...]

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Expanding your sound canvas with VST’s

With more and more incredible VST software instruments on the market, using a computer as a sound source is becoming more and more popular with keyboard musicians. You can buy a top of the range keyboard for around £2500 which will give you a limited sound source, but with computer VST’s such as Nexus and [...]

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P35 – Yamaha’s cheapest piano

Yamaha have launched their P35 – their cheapest graded piano action digital piano. Bringing affordable 88-key action to the masses, the Yamaha P35 is an easy to use stage piano with focus on great sound and functionality. It features Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keys, variable touch sensitivity and excellent AWM stereo sampling. Ideal for a [...]

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Here is a demonstration of just some of the voices from the Wersi Verona.

Wersi Organs Review.

Wersi organs are renowned for the big Euro organ sound, thanks to the drawbars created by this popular organ manufacturer. The drawbar sound was made famous by organists such as Klaus Wunderlich, Franz Lambert, Curt Prina and Mark Whale. The spectra was one of the most popular instruments ever created by Wersi and the company [...]

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Yamaha NP31 review

The Yamaha NP31 is a budget priced portable piano and priced at just £239 is a pretty impressive instrument for any pianist. With 76 notes, this incredibly lightweight keyboard features 10 sounds ranging from Vibraphone, strings, Electric piano etc.. The strings are reasonably good quality as are the other voices for such a well priced [...]

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Yamaha HS80 Powered Speakers Review

Although Yamaha’s ubiquitous NS10 monitor attained almost ‘industry-standard’ status, they were never particularly accurate, especially at the bass end. Yamaha’s new HS80M active model, however, has been designed with the intention of offering a flat and true reference with a realistic degree of bass extension. The cosmetic styling clearly owes something to the NS10, specifically [...]

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